Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where are those pictures anyway?

Despite repeated efforts to get my photos to publish along with my blog, I have failed. After doing some investigation, I've learned that it is not my fault; that problem lies with Google who owns and operates Picasa (the photo archive that I use) and Blogger, which publishes my blogs. Many other people are having the same problem. It must be a big one, because Google says they are aware and have been working on it for several days. It's actually several problems causing a break in the links between photos and blogs. So, no more effort on my part until I learn that the problem has been fixed. Hopefully, that will be soon.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are The Fishing Biting Today?

Yesterday was started out hot, humid and hazy. The haze had been hanging around most of the week and someone told us it was coming from the mainland where they were burning off the sugar cane fields. Is is now April, one of the hottest months here and there has been very little breeze during the daytime. We were all sweating our way through worship yesterday, happily anticipating an afternoon at the beach.

The breeze at West Bay was wonderful! Lots of people on the beach, escaping the heat.

The colors were so vivid! Such a nice change after a week of smoky haze. The sea was a bit rough with such strong wind here, but the snorkel was fantastic nonetheless.

This was taken at Infinity Bay, our usual after church hangout. We like to claim table under the palm trees for a bit of shade while we have lunch. We met up with old friends and got acquainted with new ones. Had a fabulous lobster quesadilla with fresh salsa, then a nice long snorkel out to the reef.

New friend, Linda, wanted to swim down to the end of the beach (by the big rocks in the second photo) to see all the fish that congregate there. Plenty of fish and all swirling around us. The cruise ship guides feed the fish to attract them for the cruisers. We had no fish food and apparently that disappointed them. Pretty soon, Linda popped up out of the water complaining that a large fish had just bitten her knuckle! While I was standing there examining her finger, with my hands in the water, a fish bit me and drew blood! Shark? Nope. Barracuda? Don said to claim that it was, actually, I don't know who bit me. Linda thought it was about the size of a parrotfish, silvery with some blue stripes.

Here is my chomped finger after being rinsed in seawater. Larry tried to cheer us up by speculating about what diseases fish might carry! I did not believe him for a minute.