Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Swearingen's Visit

For the second day in a row, we've been blessed with visitors from our church back home coming in on cruise ships. Today we met our friends, Ron and Judy Swearingen, who are in our Life group back in St. Louis. We saw their ship go past our house this morning on its way in to Coxen Hole. We gave them directions to the Made in Roatan shop and met them there. We introduced them to our island friends, Bob and Debi, who built and run the shop. Such fun to have new friends meet old friends!

We drove up to the market, parked and walked around, showing them where the locals shop. Along the way I managed to buy some Honduran red beans, a nice pineapple and a red onion. We also took them into Warren's, an older grocery store on the main street, just to have a look around.
Next stop, our house, after showing them the sites along the way. They loved our view and all our beautiful flowers. We sat and visited awhile and let them use our phone to call their daughter in New York who has been ill. They've been very concerned about her and it's so hard to not be able to call from the ship.
We took them to lunch at Cannibal's, a great little Mexican place in West End. They also loved the atmosphere of West End. Then we drove to West Bay, walked on the beach, looked at some of the fancier resorts and then drove up through Lighthouse Estates. Judy is a realtor so she enjoyed looking at the variety of properties and houses. It was a beautiful day, not as hot as our day with the Walkers yesterday, so it was nice to be out doing some walking. We also had more time with Ron and Judy. Finally, we wore them out and they were ready to go back to the ship for a little snooze before dinner. We drove them back through Flowers Bay and dropped them off at their ship. They'll have to come back so they can see more of the island. Thanks for coming to visit, Ron and Judy!!
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