Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Feeling Lazy

The sunsets have been spectacular!

I think I may have settled into deep relaxation mode, that or laziness, given the lack of blogging this year. I think about it; I just don't do it. Perhaps because the newness has worn off living on this island and all the things that once seemed so unique or even crazy now seem normal. Whatever the excuse, I've had a touch of guilt about it so here is a quick recap of the last few weeks.

Our beautiful daughter came to visit in December and spread some Christmas cheer.

We had a Christmas party at church for our sponsored kids. We played silly games, like in the photo above where Oscar's teammates are turning him into a Christmas tree.

Rachel and I spent a couple of days baking Christmas cookies for the party. We had the kids decorate cookies for their families. They also ate a LOT of cookies!

Even our boys enjoyed the cookie decorating.

Of course Santa refilled their stockings! They were so excited!! And look at all the plates of cookies they've wrapped up to take home.

Happy kids suffering from sugar overload. 

We were delighted to help again with the food drive. We quickly realized that we did not have many toys to give the kids this year, so Bob sent Rachel and I and a family from Canada who came to help out, into Coxen Hole to buy as many toys as we could with the money that had been donated. What fun that was!! We still ran out of toys, but we also had tubs full of candy that we passed out. Everyone got something. 

Loading the trucks with bags of food.

First stop, the dump. Note the newly paved road to the dump.

This is a home across the road from the dump where a family lives and makes a living from sorting through garbage for recyclables. I am always humbled when I come here.

A family from Canada donated a tub filled with stuffed animals. It sure made this baby happy!

Some of the kids on Mud Hole Road. Santa came to the island specifically to help us and make a few other appearances.

The food drive is about so much more than just handing out bags of food to needy families as the following pictures show.

Greg comes from Hilton Head Island every year to help. He loves playing with the kids!

One of Santa's elves enjoyed lovin' on the babies.

Visiting is an important part of the experience. Debi (in middle) visiting with some of the people.

Even big girls like to sit on Santa's lap. He didn't seem to mind either!

David playing with one of the kids. Piggy-back rides were a big hit. It's so much fun to bring a little joy into the lives of these kids.

I've procrastinated so long that I'm going to have to have this a multi-part catch-up. More to come!

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