Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Reluctant Birthday Girl

Yesterday was Leidy's 14th birthday. She's growing up! I asked her if she would like to have a birthday party at Ms. Susan's with all the kids. She said no. I said "really? No party?" She nodded her head. She is so shy and hates to draw any attention to herself. She said "I don't go to Ms. Susan's on Monday." Well, I said, "we could just have the party on Tuesday" which is one of her days to come for English lessons and homework help. Nope. How about just a cake? No. 

I had already bought the cake mix and frosting, enough for all the kids. So Susan and I decided that we would just bring out the cake on Tuesday and not make a big fuss. Don and I arrived to find only the two 9th grade boys, Oscar and Victor, and one 7th grader, Nelson. No Leidy. Susan said the 7th graders must not have any homework or they would be there. Nelson had not been to school this morning, so he didn't know.

I was a little disappointed. I had 24 cupcakes, vanilla ice cream (her favorite), and a gift bag waiting for her.

We went ahead and fed cupcakes to the boys and adults. Susan called Concepcion to see if Leidy was coming. A little while later, we heard kids coming up the driveway. Leidy, her little cousin Alexander, Jessie, Jacee, and their little sister, Jeslee. Yay!! Susan was not thrilled that they had brought along the little kids, but the kids were thrilled with the cupcakes. All except Leidy. She finally said she would have one later. I asked if she would like some ice cream ."Yes", so out came the ice cream for one and all.  I told her she had a gift bag. She glanced down at it but did not grab it to look inside. Can you imagine any kid you know being that reserved? She did thank me. 

Kids kept arriving. Apparently, word had spread that we were having a party for Leidy. And more little siblings also came along with their big sister or brother. Karla and Carlos were the last to arrive. They were too late for the ice cream and there were only 2 cupcakes left, but I wasn't going to serve them because we had more people than cupcakes by that point. There are 2 older girls, 18 and 20 years old, who come for English lessons, and one of them had brought along a little sister.Sigh. It was quickly becoming a madhouse! So, I quietly wrapped up the last 2 cupcakes and told Karla she and Carlos could eat them on the way home. Karla could not resist sticking her finger inside the foil wrapping and licking the icing! I do hope she gave one to Carlos on the way home, but I wouldn't count on it.

Meantime, the 9th graders have to have some kind of round, white object for their science class. After much discussion and internet searching, we finally decided that they need something like large styrofoam balls. I suggested they ask their teacher where we might find such an item on Roatan.(We have no Michael's, no Hobby Lobby or anything of the kind.) Oscar said they have a new teacher (the first one lasted only 4 days) and she is new to the island so she would not know. Great. I can't think of any place on the island that sells styrofoam balls or anything similar.

 Also, we learned that the entire school is going to the beach on Friday and each child needs 100 lempiras ($5.) for the bus and food. Oscar said he and his siblings did not want to go, they would just stay home. I asked "don't want to go or your family doesn't have the money to go?" He sheepishly said "no money". I said "if we give you the money, would you want to go?" He smiled and nodded his head. Ok, then. We will provide the money. Susan and I decided to  share the cost for all the kids to go. These are very poor families; they don't have extra money for things like this.

So, the reluctant birthday girl had a party after all. Susan and I both thought that, while a bit rowdy, it was a success, and Leidy was quietly pleased. And so was I. 

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  1. What a sweet story Jeanette. God is so good and life turns out even better than we had planned it :) I am not sure who was blessed the most? Leidy or all of us who got to hear the story?!