Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shopping, Island Style

The other day I enlisted the assistance of Susan and Tia to help me find some warmer clothing for some of the women up in the colonia who come to our church. We had noticed that the ladies are frequently cold on chilly, rainy days, and they don't have sweaters or jackets. My goal was to find some. This proved to be challenging! We drove around Coxen Hole checking out the little second-hand shops.

Tia knew of a nice, larger thrift shop down by the old ferry terminal. Not a single sweater to be found, but Susan and I did spot a few girls' swim suits, so we bought one for Leidi and one for Greicy. Don and I are planning to take the girls swimming again soon. On a warm day.

We checked out the shops along Back Street. No luck.

Tia suggested we try the little shops along Thicket, the road into Coxen Hole. We parked in a small lot across from the Roatan Hospital. The first shop was run by an old man who said "we don't need no sweaters here, lady. It don't get cold here!" Apparently not for him.

The little shops are everywhere, tucked into the strangest places. Often it is rather dark in these shops, but once they realized how serious we were, they would turn on the lights! We finally lucked out. We found 8 sweaters/jackets at one larger shop. They actually had more, but we rejected the wool and cashmere sweaters. They don't need that warm! And everything must be easy to wash. We also found 2 more in another little shop. That pretty much exhausted the sweater inventory in Coxen Hole. I was hoping to find more, but at least 10 women will now be a bit warmer during the next storm.

I may have to try crocheting some shawls!

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  1. shawls would be perfect. Can you buy yarn there? I might have to bring a suitcase full of sewing supplies when I come!!