Friday, November 11, 2011

A Walk in West End

 Don wanted to go for a walk in West End this morning and take some photos. These are some of my photos, I'll post his next. The dock above was damaged when Hurricane Rina passed by to the east of us.
 Lots of road and sanitation work going on in West End. Things are constantly torn up. The municipal is putting in a sanitation system, water treatment plant and improving the road. All much needed. They dug up the beach road and little side roads to put in the sewer pipes, then filled it all in. Now they're digging all up again to lay water lines above the sewer lines. They've got a system! Most people don't want to see the beach road paved except some of the local residents, but unfortunately, it is going to be paved. The road just won't have the same feel to it.
 Now, who would want to give up large potholes like this? Charming, huh? Seriously, the road is charming when it has been graded and it hasn't rained for awhile.
This is farther down the beach road where it is a muddy mess. The bulldozer is at the far end.
Vehicle traffic can't get past the area where the trenches are being dug (by hand). The tourist buses and taxis are dropping their passengers near the entrance to West End to pick their way through the potholes. Few tourists are venturing down very far, which I'm sure is hurting some of the businesses.  High season has begun. It will be interesting  to see what happens next week when 5 cruise ships will be in, or the following week when 7 ships are expected. 

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