Monday, February 20, 2012

The Math Tutor

Don with Hilda, Greicy, Victor, Julisa and Oscar

 Last week it became obvious that the 7th grade girls needed help with math, specifically, fractions. Susan and I both worked with Julisa and Greicy on a few problems, but then we asked Don if he would come up and be the official math tutor. We have 5 kids in the 7th grade, but the boys seem to do much better in math. Here Don is explaining the basic steps in working with mixed fractions.

 Then he asked if anyone could solve this problem. Julisa said she could and came up to the board.

But she missed a step, so Don asked Hilda if she could do it. She gave it a try but also had trouble, as did Greicy. Meanwhile, the boys are sitting back at the table snickering and calling out the answers. They got the stink eye from Julisa a few times. She was trying so hard to understand. We think she finally got it. Don handed out papers with examples of how to work the problems that they can take home.

                                                             Team collaboration.

 Meanwhile, Susan and I were trying to help the 5th graders with their homework (in Spanish) which appeared to be give 3 reasons (or definitions) for liberty and then prescribe (formulate) the most important one for the whole world. When 3rd grader Carlos came in with his English reading assignment, I moved over to help him. He reads very well.

Don and Susan had both brought their laptops, so we asked Karla if she would like to send an email to Rachel and Lance who sponsor her. She readily agreed, then wondered what to say. I suggested that she tell them about herself. Here's what she had to say:
"I have 10 years (10 years of age), and my favorite color is pink, and my favorite food is fried fish, and I like to play soccer."

                              She always has a big smile and a big hug to give. Sweet girl.

Jesse and Victor had finished their homework and got on the computer, trying to connect to some motorbike game, but the connection kept dropping. Julisa got on Susan's laptop just long enough to check Facebook and was delighted when she saw a picture of herself with Karla, Leidy and me on the first day of school. I had "tagged" her in the photo so it would show up on her page. She liked that very much.

Don really enjoyed his first day of tutoring, and I continue to enjoy working with these kids and getting to know them all better.

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  1. What fun! And what a blessing you are to the kids!