Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Oscars

We have been so blessed this winter to have found a wonderful gardener who speaks great English. When we needed to replace our former gardener, I asked our pastor's wife if there was someone in our church who needed work (always!), had some gardening skills and, a big point, spoke English. She recommended two men and we chose Oscar. He attends our church, but I really didn't know him until we hired him. He has turned out to be a very hard-working man who does indeed know how to care for a large garden. He actually does what I ask but really doesn't need a lot of direction. It has really helped to not have that language barrier between us.

On his second day of work back in December, he brought along his 12 year old son who was, at that time, still on his winter break. He wanted to teach his son his trade. We thought this was a great idea, but were totally amazed at what a great little worker his son was. After observing him in action for a couple of days and noting how much more work was getting done, we volunteered to pay little Oscar half-pay. That delighted both father and son. Their electricity had been cut off when Oscar couldn't pay the bill and the family had plenty of other needs as well. He was so grateful for the work and doubly grateful for the extra pay for his son.

Little Oscar always had a smile on his face whenever I saw him. He just radiates joy. He must have made 50 trips up and down the hill, emptying this tub. I've never seen a 12 year old work so diligently let alone be cheerful about it. Don admitted that he had never worked that hard at that age and neither does any other young man that we know. His daddy has instilled a powerful work ethic in him, and the Lord fills him with joy.

Little Oscar is one of the 11 sponsored kids going to Luisa Trundle School which started this week. When Oscar, Sr. arrived for work Monday morning, he said he was going to miss his little buddy. I said Little Oscar is probably pretty happy to be back in school and get a rest from the work, but I suspect he misses being with his dad. It was sweet to hear them talking throughout the day.  I missed him, too. I've grown pretty fond of that boy.

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