Monday, January 28, 2013

Girls' Group

Last year, a group was started for our teen girls to encourage fellowship, offer fun activites and lunch, as well as afford the group leaders an opportunity to teach life lessons and be good role models for them. The girls are between the ages of 12 and 17 and there are generally at least 20 girls attending, though not all attend every time.

Every meeting begins with worship. The girls LOVE to sing. Tia is urging them to stand up and sing joyfully. They can really belt it out!

This Saturday was games day, and knowing how much I love games, I was asked to participate. Here are some pictures of the fun:

We're playing Uno, a favorite game. Johanna just gave me a mean card!

                                                                 No peeking, Susan!!!

                        This is a Twister pile-up. There were lots of giggles during this game.

  Julissa is carefully pulling out a block from the Jenga stack. They loved this game, too.

      Ping pong was another big hit. Sometimes it was a group activity, like above! They got pretty wild.

  Susan is teaching these girls to play Whack a Mole which involved slapping (cards) and laughing.

Here's Leidy serving the ball. She really liked this game, but they spent a lot of time searching for the ball!

 Here we have a table of our quiet girls, enjoying a jigsaw puzzle. That's our sweet Jessie at the end of the table. Their different personalities certainly stand out on a day like this one, and it was good to have such a variety of activities for them.

After lunch, the girls went home and we had a brief meeting to plan for next time (apparently I'm part of the team now). The issue of modest dress was at the top of the list, and it will be a challenging topic given Honduran culture, but is one that needs to be discussed. One of our goals is to keep these girls innocent and pure for as long as we can. Most of these girls are dressed modestly, but not all. We want to squelch this influence of the older girls with their more revealing clothing without driving those same girls away. More on this later.

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