Thursday, January 31, 2013

School Shopping

We took the girls to el Mercado in Coxen Hole today to shop for their back-to-school needs. Leidy's mom (actually her grandmother, who is raising her) went along. We also gave Julissa's step-mom a ride to the market, but she then went her own way.

Our first stop was at the tailor's where the girls were measured for their new uniform skirts. They've both grown so much and yet, they're both still so tiny!

This tailor is just amazing. He takes 2 or 3 measurements then quickly draws out a pattern on the fabric using tailor's chalk and a  ruler as his only guide. A young man was sitting at the sewing machine to the left of Julissa, sewing a waistband onto a pair of pants. The girls were fascinated at how quickly and confidently he worked. This shop makes uniform pants and skirts for most of the private schools, and they will be very busy for the next couple of weeks. The public school kids all wear the off-the-shelf blue skirts or pants available at many shops.

We walked on down Market Street, checking out the shoes and backpacks. It always amazes me how cheaply made the shoes are here - both the black school shoes and the tennis shoes that they need for their physical education classes. They don't cost that much, but they also don't last long either. Susan and I were recently discussing whether to bring them better quality shoes from the U.S. or Canada as she has done in the past. I don't think it really matters. They are all growing, so out-growing their shoes quickly, plus they are frequently walking through rain and mud which take a toll on their shoes.

                                                      Leidy, trying on tennis shoes.
She and Julissa got exactly the same tennis shoes, black shoes and backpacks this year. I love these little markets along the street where many of their items for sale are openly displayed. We wandered along, checking prices and styles. Leidy loves to draw and paint, so she was drooling over all the art supplies. Julissa was drooling over the nail polish choices. That's for another day.

After we finished our shopping, we took them to Bojangles for chicken (their choice). I really thought Leidy would want hamburgers or pizza, but she has decided that she no longer likes either one! I think all Hondurans love Bojangles chicken, and so do we.

The girls had a great time. They adore Don and love to pick on him because he picks right back! Concepcion also had wonderful time and picked up a few things from the vegetable vendor.  She also loves Don and enjoys the attention he pays to Leidy who has no father or grandfather in her life.

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  1. wonderful! I want to send $$ for more just for fun stuff like nail polish. Perhaps in another paycheck or so! -- rachel