Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Goodbye

Our friend, Kristin, is leaving the island today. 
This photo was taken last week when we celebrated her birthday at Eagle Ray.
Kris is, of course, standing in the center. Clockwise from the left: Lynne, Luz, Kris, Debi, Tia.
I love how the cook (in the orange shorts) is in the background and that's our waitress sitting at the counter behind Kris, having her lunch!

It's always sad to say goodbye. We've had some good times.
Yesterday Kris packed up her little cottage. Lynne and her hubby, Don and our friend Olman helped move Kristin's things to Lynne's bodega and to our house for storage until she returns.
Afterwards Kris treated all of us to pizza at the place down the hill from us.
Don and Olman rode, standing up, in the back of Bob's pickup. You can do that here.

We were all thankful for Bob's pickup. We did get our car back yesterday but, of course, there was a glitch. The car wouldn't start. Someone at the shop had left an interior light on and it drained the battery. The mechanic brought out another battery, carefully connected it DIRECTLY to our battery and held it upside down above it. At his signal, another guy then started our car. Freddie grinned and said "don't try this at home!" No joke. Dangerous. But, it is Roatan.
Anyway, the car started and Don drove it home without problem and parked it beside our house.
When we next tried to start it, nothing! Dead as a doornail. Don brought out his battery charger. Wouldn't take the charge. Obviously we need a new battery.

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