Saturday, May 22, 2010

Banana Eating Lizard

Underneath this plastic bag is a stalk of bananas hanging on the deck to ripen. We've had to resort to covering the stalk to keep the anole lizards, grackles and bats off them.

This cute bluehead anole really wanted a banana. We had left one banana exposed because the lizards had already been trying to nibble on it.

I had to sneak up on him on the other side to get this picture of his head peaking around the stalk. Notice how he's managed to peel back a bit of the banana skin!

He's actually licking his lips! That bit of red is his tongue. He was really enjoying his banana.
If you're thinking that these sure are small bananas, you're right! These are apple bananas and they only grow to around 4 inches long. They really do taste a little like an apple, too. Nice and sweet. So good. Just ask Mr. Anole.
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  1. funny. Annie thinks his tongue looks like a cherry in the picture. :)