Saturday, May 22, 2010

Driving into the Sunset

No, we didn't literally drive off into the sunset - that would be crazy! We had dinner guests last night and had this lovely sunset as a backdrop for dinner on the deck. Later, Don drove one of our guests home and when he returned, he parked the car up on the flat spot on our hill. As he exited the car, he heard a familiar hissing sound. Sure enough, our radiator had sprung another leak. Actually, it's the same leak; the weld or solder obviously didn't hold. So, it's back to the shop for yet another repair job. It's fortunate that most of these repairs have been cheap ones. But we are getting tired of them, so we've been thinking more frequently about replacing this car. We're not here much longer this year, so we're just trying to hold it together for a few more weeks. We really don't want a repeat of the end of last year's stay when the car was in the shop multiple times, one time for 13 days, and the last time our car disappeared when the mechanic was fired and took our car home with him (fortunately our friends found and retrieved the car, but it still wasn't fixed). At least that problem seems to be solved; the air-conditioner is working great!!
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