Monday, October 17, 2011

Catching Our Breath

We are glad to be back, unpacked, plugged in and finally settled. It has been one crazy summer for us, and we needed the rest.
The highlight of our summer was the birth of our first grandchild, Simon Nathaniel Blickhan Gartner. He is just the most beautiful baby...and I'm not kidding!!
Photo taken by Simon's aunt, Christina Blickhan.

Besides Simon's birth and a few trips north to visit him, we spent much of the summer packing, pitching or parceling out the contents of our St. Louis house. We're so seldom there; it seemed like a burden to try to maintain it in between our jaunts around the country. And we were blessed with a beautiful solution: our daughter's best friend and her family have moved in to care for the house. They hope to be able to buy it in the future. They have promised to host an annual family reunion for the two families - ours and theirs.

We finished our summer by spending a few weeks in California with our daughter and my sister, then another visit with sweet little Simon, back to St. Louis to wrap up a few things and say goodbye, and then drove to Alabama for a week with my parents before flying back to the island. Exhausting!

So where will we go next year when we return to the States? Perhaps to your house. We really have no plans other than spending a fair amount of time in Wisconsin with Simon, perhaps renting a little place, otherwise, we'll be nomads wandering around the country.   That will be another exciting adventure!

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