Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weathering The Storm

We're very thankful that Hurricane Rina has passed to the north and east of us. Roatan sits at 16.〫N and Rina is already at 17.4〫N. We are, however, getting plenty of wind here on the north side of the island, and we've already had about .7 inches of rain today, plus whatever blew in horizontally and missed the rain gauge. The little hummingbirds are having a tough time hanging on. It feels chilly at 71〫so Don has on his long pants and I'm wearing socks, but it's refreshing.


  1. break out the sweaters!! so thankful you missed the brunt of the storm.

  2. Glad the storm moved on. Hope the hurricane season is nearly over. Cardinal game postponed tonight use to rain. Hope they win tomorrow night or we are done.