Friday, April 6, 2012

Semana Santa

It is Semana Santa - Holy Week. Here on the island, that means it is vacation week for many Hondurans. The wealthier families on the mainland come here for a week on the beach. There's lots of partying, lots of people everywhere and crazy traffic. Most of the residents, including us, stock up and stay home.

We avoided the crowds in West Bay last Sunday and instead went to the Vicks' home in Blue Harbor for lunch with several families from church and then swam and snorkeled off their dock.

                                                       Don and the Vicks' sailboat

Our sponsored kids have been off school all week. They had exams all last week, and we promised them a swim this week. We stayed in Sandy Bay, swimming off the dock that belongs to our church. They had a great time, as usual.


                                           Leidy, Jessie, Oscar blowing up the mats

                                                               Julisa and Tania

                                                  Jessie, Leidy, Jesse and Nelson

                                     Nelson, Leidy, Jessie, Mr. Don, Oscar, Jaylee
                                                           Miss Susan, Tania, Julisa

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