Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Visitors From Afar..

Well, as far away as Wisconsin. That's pretty far.

We were so glad to be able to meet the sister of one of our good friends from our home church. Kim and Dave and their travel buddies, Frank and Marty, are here for a week and staying at our favorite Sunday hangout, Infinity Bay. Kim called us after they arrived, and we arranged to meet for lunch and a snorkel.
They didn't know what we looked like, or we they, so Dave suggested they wait for us at a table under the palapa while holding a sign saying "Jeanette". We actually got there before they had come down, so we got a table and waited. Pretty soon we saw them approaching with this sign:

We had a great time getting acquainted over lunch. I can't believe I didn't think to get my camera out of my bag before we got in the water. Fortunately, my pal Debi had her underwater camera and took the following photo.

                                            That's us with Kim, Dave, Marty and Frank.

Guess which one of the above six did not snorkel...yes, that's right, that would be Kim, the one with the nice looking hair. It was a perfect day for a long snorkel for the rest of us. No turtles were spotted, but I'll bet they keep looking.

I was so happy to introduce them to many of our beach buddies. Kim said we have a great bunch of friends, and she's right! We sure do. It sure was good to get to know Kim and Dave and their friends. They take an annual spring break beach vacation together. We had a good time trading travel stories.

I snapped one last photo of them as they headed back up to their condo:

We left them with many suggestions for things to see and do, including where to snorkel. I'm sure they'll have a great time.

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