Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun On The Beach

The kids have been back in school for about a month and all are doing well. We decided it was time for a little reward. We planned to take our three girls, Leidy, Julisa and Karla and told them that this was just for girls this time. When we met them at church this morning, Karla's little brother Carlos was with her. So, we took him, too. Rick and Luz Maria took Hilda, Greicy, Haicy, their mom, Cruz, and little brother, Enriquito...oh, and grandpa...and our pastor's son, Colton. Fourteen of us set out for the beach.  What a day we had! Here are some photos of the kids having a blast.

Leidy, and Greicy attacking Karla.
Julisa watching Carlos and Leidy playing.

                          Enriquito, Cruz and Haicy (seldom seen without the snorkel mask!).
                                          They love these colorful air mattresses.
                                                        Haicy looking for fish.
                                                Water fight!  Greicy under attack.

              Mr. Rick carrying Enriquito while surrounded by Haicy, Leidy, Karla and Julisa.
                                                      Don being stalked by Leidy.

Some of the grownups have had enough sun and retreat to loungers in the shade: Don, Luz Maria, and grandpa. Luz had an interesting observation, she said "you know, appearances can be deceiving. Grandpa may not be as old as you and I." To which I replied, "Very likely. And you know, Leidy's grandma is only a couple of years older than my son!" That was a very weird thought, but true!!

We consumed three large pizzas, three orders of chicken fingers with fries, salad, and plenty of Cokes, then they were ready to jump back in the water for another hour or two. They will sleep well tonight. Me too.

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