Monday, March 12, 2012

Amateur Photographers

I took my camera along with me when Don and I went up to church for the afternoon tutoring session with the sponsored kids. Karla wanted to use my camera so I showed her how to take a photo and then turned her loose in the classroom. Here are some of the results:

Me and Oscar



                                                  Jessie with pencils stuck in her hair.

                                               Karla, girl photographer and photo critic.

Karla proved to be a quick study. She learned how to look at the photos she had taken and then spotted the tiny trashcan symbol. She asked if that was how to get rid of the photos that were no good, and I said "yes". She obviously deleted a lot of them because she took far more than remain on the camera. Little Carlos also wanted to take pictures, and I have a feeling that Karla deleted most of them. A photo critic in the making.

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