Tuesday, November 20, 2012

English Lessons

Yesterday we had ten of the eleven kids show up for English lessons. Susan was running late, so I pulled out some of the worksheets she had copied and passed them out. The kids are always so eager to get to work! And not just on the lessons. They very quickly stacked up the rows of chairs left from Sunday School class, and got out the round tables, setting them up near an electrical outlet. Greicy remarked that the floor was very dirty (lots of cookie crumbs, too) and offered to sweep it. I said ok,  she ran off to get Tia's broom and dustpan and had the floor clean in a jiffy. 

They gathered around the tables and got busy on the worksheets. It amazes me how much they enjoy the activities. 

Tia dropped by with a tray of freshly made cookie/candy for the kids. Love!

Susan soon arrived and brought out the laptops. A generous donor in Canada gave them enough money to buy two additional laptop computers, Rosetta Stone, and headsets. I have an additional laptop that I brought down for the kids, but unfortunately, I forgot to pack the power cord. 

We made do with the four laptops and set the kids to working in pairs, with two kids left to work on other activities. Susan introduced them to Rosetta Stone last week. If you are not familiar with that, it is a language learning software product available in many languages. Susan has loaded the English version on all the laptops. The program uses images, written words and spoken words to teach. The kids listen through the headsets and repeat the word or phrase. When they say it correctly, a big checkmark appears and they can continue, otherwise, they keep repeating the word or phrase until it is correct. Working in pairs allows them to help one another. Sometimes they are too helpful!

 Here is Julissa working alone. She was soon joined by Hilda. Hilda is understanding and speaking English so well that she is now interpreting for the Spanish ladies' Bible class on Tuesday mornings. Julissa needs lots of practice, having had only one year of English lessons. This will be very good practice for her.

 Karla, Jessie and Greicy are working together until Susan decides that Greicy needs to work alone. Karla and Jessie didn't seem to mind too much and worked diligently on and English word find game.

 Victor and Carlos. We got tickled at them. They are both very bright and have very strong leader personalities. They made an interesting duo.

My photo of Nelson and Hasey was too blurry, which is a shame because little Hasey's face is just aglow with excitement.

Jessie having her worksheet checked by Susan. They're always eager to have their work reviewed and approved. Such a joy to work with these cheerful kids!

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