Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Report Cards!

                                                   Julissa and Jessie with their honors

Susan and I went to school today with some of the kids and moms to pick up report cards. Some of the kids received an honor certificate and some also got a ribbon medallion award. In looking over the grade cards, I was puzzled as to how they determined who received honors. I was told that all grades were added and if the average was at least 85, they deserved the award. Well, they didn't all get what they deserved. Apparently some of the teachers had difficulty with this task. There was also an award ceremony Saturday that we knew nothing about. The kids were called the NIGHT BEFORE. (Mind you, they have been out of school since the end of October!) Some of the kids never got the message. Their parents don't currently have a phone or perhaps were out of minutes (very common). Susan and Larry were enroute to the island, and both Don and I have new phone numbers which we had not yet given the school, so the sponsors weren't notified either. Susan told them it would have been good to have had more notice. The answer? Well, the teachers were told one week prior. Helpful. Out of our group of eleven kids, four got the message and attended.

Anyway, we picked up the grade cards and their final exams. Julissa was a bit nervous that I would be unhappy with her marks. Oh no, not at all. I was very pleased with her grades. She only scored 56% in English, but I wasn't upset with that, after all, this was her first year of any English instruction. I gave her a big hug and assured her that I was very proud of her. Her other marks were all in the 70-80% range and I was pleased with that also. She has worked hard this year and should feel proud of herself. I'm not sure she deserved honors, but she got them anyway! So all of you who contributed in some way to Julissa's school year, pat yourself on the back!

I haven't seen Karla's report card yet. She's one of the kids who got the message and attended the award ceremony. Her mom picked up her grades that day, but she told me yesterday at church that she had done well. I believe her. She's a smart girl.

Leidy did very well. She is an excellent student, applies herself to her studies, and her grades reflect that. I'm really proud of her! I noticed that her science grade for the fourth quarter was not great. Susan said "there's a reason for that." Apparently their entire fourth quarter grade was based upon their science fair project. Here is Leidy's:

     Perhaps the teacher is a Pepsi fan? I didn't get to see her project, so I can't critique it.

                                             Jessie and Karla's project: Bread Bacterias.

                                                          Obie and Julissa's project

Thanks to Susan for all the photos!

Susan has been asking the kids if they want to resume their English lessons. They were about evenly divided on this. We'll work with any of them who want the extra help. I'm sure Julissa will be there. Susan had a sponsor donate extra money which was used to buy two additional laptops. I also brought an extra laptop down for the kids. We'll have our own little computer lab!! The majority of the kids finally decided that they want to continue to meet three times a week right through their winter break!

I proposed to Susan that we need to do some fun activities during their long winter break. They get so bored during rainy season. They can't play outside as much and most have no televisions (or electric). I suggested that we teach them some games, show some good kid movies, or let them try Dance Revolution. She liked my ideas. Bet the kids will, too.

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