Thursday, November 15, 2012

Girls' Luncheon

What a fun day this was! It didn't start out that well, but the Lord certainly turned things around. I didn't sleep much last night, it was pouring down rain, and I had a headache. I had this fun day planned for the girls, and they were SO excited. I just prayed that it would get better, that my headache would go away, that the girls would stay dry on their walk down from the colonia, and that they would have a good time. And that's just what happened! God is so good.

I made a crazy mistake in telling the girls what time to meet me at church, and I didn't even realize it until I was talking to Karla's mom yesterday while she worked for us. I told the girls "once (own-say)" which is eleven and yet was thinking that I was saying "one" o'clock, which is "una". Good grief. I even held up one finger as I was telling them "once". No wonder they looked puzzled. Well now what do I do? I quickly changed what I had originally planned,  and I asked Suyapa to please tell Karla and to spread the word to the other girls that they should meet me at 11:00 and hoped that they would all be there at the same time. Karla and Julissa were, but no sign of Leidy. Uh oh. Fortunately we found a phone number for Leidy and had Aida call her to see if she was on her way. She was. Whew. I drove up into the colonia to meet her and then we were on our way to my house.

 The girls love the view from our deck, so I suggested to Don that he get out his telescope and set it up for them. Despite it being a cloudy, gray day, they still enjoyed looking through the telescope and checking out the boats out on the water.
 I can't believe how serious Karla looks. She is always laughing and smiling. In fact, I had just told her mom how much Karla reminds me of my Rachel (who supports her, by the way). Two girls with sunny dispositions. I also realized that these girls are about the same size and yet Julissa (on the left) is 15, Karla (middle) is 10, and Leidy is 12!

They smelled lunch cooking, so I suggested that we eat first, then play a game. I made sloppy joes and cole slaw which they all loved. Two of them ate two sandwiches apiece. They also ate a bag of Doritos. They did not like the olives and Karla did not like the dill pickles either, but it's good to try new things. Leidy must have learned from her science project that not everything is better with Coke, because she requested Sprite. haha!
 I taught them to play Frustration which I think is called Trouble in the U.S. It is like the board game Sorry. They caught on quickly. Karla won the first game and Julissa won the second round. Here they're eating ice cream while playing. In between games, we watched an animated movie, Beauty and the Beast. Karla had seen it before and even knew the first song, and she sang along with the movie. The girls were all enthralled with the story and were sad when it ended (although it was a happy ending). They also loved sitting in our recliners while watching it. Think I might be spoiling them a bit?
As we were preparing to leave, the girls wanted to know what Don was looking at on his computer, so he showed them. Karla began reading the story aloud in English and did quite well.

They all wanted to know when they could come back to see another movie and play games. Such a fun day for all!

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