Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Great Week

This has been a busy week, a fun week, a productive week, and a week full of blessings. Here are some highlights:
Our sponsored kids only had one day of school due to continued plumbing problems at the school. On the one day they attended, they didn't have classes but went on a field trip - something that is normal in the United States but pretty unusual here. They went to Mayan Eden Park in Spanish Town where they saw all kinds of animals and birds and some got to have a boa constrictor draped around their neck! They all loved the white-faced monkeys and spider monkeys.

 Susan took advantage of this adventure and had the kids write sentences in English about their experience during our tutoring session on Wednesday. They practiced reading English and answering questions. We had math drills with the flash cards which became rather raucous with laughter when I kept holding up the wrong side of the card. Tanya gets so embarrassed when called on, but she usually knows the answer. Karla likes to shout out the answer for everyone but gets really mad when someone else answers for her! Jessie is so smart and so quick with double-digit multiplication but will argue with me if I tell her that her answer is wrong! She is certainly confident of her math skills! They always want to play Uno, but Susan has limited that to Fridays only; yesterday we had a wild, cut-throat game and they loved it! They have to add up the points they were caught with - more math practice.

Karla, Leidy and Julissa came up to our house for their second crochet session. Leidy had taken some yarn and a hook home to practice, and she had really improved. Leidy's mom, ConcepciĆ³n, came for her first lesson. She was having a difficult time, largely because her stitches were too loose, so I sent her home with materials to practice. Julissa has twice as much work done on her purse, and it looks really good. Leidy and Karla are doing better but still need some help, so it was a challenge to help them and work with ConcepciĆ³n, who needed constant attention. The girls were cracking up over Don's choice of music. He was playing a playlist of real oldies - late 50s and early 60s songs - with hits such as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", "Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop", "Surfer Bird", "Rock Around The Clock", "Da Doo Ron Ron", "Rama Lama Ding Dong." Karla said "this music is just crazy!" They did know a couple of the songs because they had heard them in a movie, so those were ok.

Bob and Debi came over to play 500
 and watch the sunset last night. Unfortunately, it was not one the better sunsets, but they enjoyed the view from up here on the hill anyway, and we had a great card game.

Today was Girls' Group at church. We had 27 girls today!! After prayer time and worship, they made bookmarks with supplies donated by a woman who usually comes with the team that just arrived. (This team will be building the roof of our new worship center. This is just outside our classroom, and because we anticipate much noise, we won't be have tutoring sessions at the church for two weeks.)

Creativity at work.
 Some of the completed bookmarks. They loved using the fancy scrapbooking scissors.

                                                               Clean-up time.
                                            Our fabulous kitchen crew preparing lunch.

After lunch, I took Julissa into Coxen Hole to pick up her new glasses and get her wear & care instructions. Then we went shopping! We bought green mango slices with salt and hot sauce to snack on, nail polish, and yarn. (I will begin teaching Maria to crochet next week.) As we walked back to the car, I decided to take Julissa into the big used clothing store for some "new" skirts or dresses. We found several cute things, and she was very pleased. On the way home, I told her that the glasses and clothes were not from us; they were a gift from God, that a friend from our church in the U.S. had heard about Julissa's needs and felt lead to send a donation which EXACTLY covered the cost of both glasses and clothes!! I asked her "isn't God good?" and she agreed that He was. (And thank you, dear friend, for this donation!) I forgot to take a photo of her wearing the new glasses...I will do that next time I see her.

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