Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some Doin's Around Church Today

Today was a very busy day at church, and it will be busy and crazy there for the next couple of weeks.
Here are some of the things that were happening today:

 Ladies' Bible Study was action packed today. Following a time of worship and Susan's short lesson, the women made bracelets to celebrate God's gift of creativity in each of us. Marlene, who is part of the mission team that's here, passed out packets of beads to each woman and gave brief instructions. See the woman on the right holding that cute baby? I offered to hold the baby so that mom could work on her bracelet.

                                    I had the best job! Ashley is such a good baby.

                                    Here are three of the finished bracelets. Lovely!

 Today was also the day that the women who participate in the Food Ministry receive their bags of food. They are required to attend church and to give a couple of hours of work each month.

 Angela and two of her eight children relaxing before the little girl goes to afternoon Kinder at the school down the road. Angela did not want to make the long walk up the steep hill to her house in the colonia only to have to turn right around and walk back down to the school. She makes that trip at least twice a day everyday.

 The eye doctors did come with this team after all. These are some of the glasses waiting to be prescribed.

               Claire, our lovely translator, is letting the waiting women know the eye exam procedure.

Brenda, who can no longer read her Bible, is the first up. She will be receiving reading glasses.
Several other women were waiting their turn. Eye exams will be given several times this week. Some of the men and children also need to be screened. Susan and I want all our school kids to be tested. What a blessing this is!! These families cannot afford to see an eye doctor nor to buy glasses.

And just outside in the church's courtyard, the work on the new worship center continues. The team is busy building the trusses for the roof. The wood workers were also hard at work on their small wooden creations that will be sold through various outlets.

And adding to the joyful noise, children of some of the women waiting for eye exams were busy playing tag and chasing each other around the building. This cute little boy was happy to pause long enough to pose for a photo. The kids always love to look at the camera and see the photo that was just taken. He had a big grin when he saw himself.

And that's a recap of 10 a.m. - noon. Busy times.

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