Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Whew! What a morning. We met at church at 9 this morning and once again loaded Concepcion, Leidy (Lady), Gracie, and her little brother into our car. The rest of the crew climbed into Larry's truck. The top middle photo in the collage shows Susan, Enriquito and Hilda sitting in the back of the truck waving. The top left photo show everyone crowded into the office to register. I showed them Leidy's papers and the principal wrote out a receipt for L200 ($10. US) and took my money. She then pointed me out the door and to the right. I really had no idea where to go, but Concepcion figured out which room and which person to see to register for the 4th grade. We waited in line awhile only to learn that today was registration for returning students. New students and transfer students had to come back and register next Monday. We went back to the office where we found Susan already in line. She had a bilingual woman in line ahead of her and had explained our situation. That woman interceded for us with the principal, but to no avail. We'll have to come back. "Come early," she said. Registration begins at 7 a.m. and they'll be lined up at 6:30! It's is first-come, first-served until they are full. Just because I've already paid for Leidy is no guarantee that she'll get in, and just because Susan was unable to pay for the others is no guarantee that they won't get in. Yikes! Don wants to be there at 6 or shortly after to ensure that the kids do get in to this school. Susan was worried about that because we will have missed registration for other schools by then. We'll be praying hard that they all get in. Please pray for us.

The middle photo is Don talking to our cab driver friend, George, who was registering his children. It was good to see George again and to learn that he only has one more year of his own schooling.

I did learn something else interesting while looking at Leidy's birth certificate. First, that her name is spelled Leidy and pronounced Lady (Leidy Leony Hernandez). Second that she has the same birthday as our daughter, February 28th. Third, that she will be 11 in a few weeks. I just can't believe that she's that old because she is so tiny.

To be continued....
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