Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tanya and Sibs

I mentioned Tanya a few weeks ago and promised that I would tell her story. It is the story of 6 children who were abandoned by their parents.

Let me introduce you to an amazing family.   On the left, Tanya, 13; Sandra, 18, and her little boy, Steven; Flor, 21, and her son, Anthony.

About 3 years ago, both the father and the mother ran off, not together, but with different partners, and moved to the mainland of Honduras. They left behind 6 children and a ratty, falling-down house. You'll meet the three boys in the following photos. The youngest boy was only 3 years old when the parents left them. How on earth have they survived? Mostly through the kindness of the community and the grace of God. Their only income comes through the oldest boy, Enrique, and Sandra's husband. When they are able to find work, menial labor, they make about $10/day. Work has been more scarce in the last couple of years, due to the down turn in the economy which affects tourism and building here, so they don't have regular paychecks by any means. 
The house they live in is in sad shape. Part of the roof is missing, covered only by a tarp. The large gaps in the walls let in light and breezes, but also rain and unwelcomed pests. In my next blog, I'll post more photos of the house and tell about the efforts to build them a decent home.
                                                   This is Roberto who is now 6 years old.
Meet Enrique, 15 years old. No chance for him to go to school; he has to help support this family.

And last, but not least, this is Eguardo, age 11.
The younger children deserve a chance to go to school, but it won't be easy. They would need their birth certificates and records of any previous schooling, something the parents may have had. They also need money to buy the uniforms, shoes and school supplies, even to attend public school, and unless they attend the beach school, transportation fees. The school in the colonia was apparently condemned and closed. They have so many strikes against them that it is just heartbreaking.
Remember them in your prayers.
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