Friday, February 25, 2011

We've Got Company

Yesterday, our friends, Rick and Luz Maria, arrived for a 10 day visit. They'll be staying with us part of this visit. We're delighted to return the hospitality they showed us last September when we visited them in San Antonio. We've been having a great time catching up and practicing our Spanish with Luz, who is a native speaker. They also got to chat with Enrique, who's been here all week, taming our jungle after our 14 inches of rain last week. He attends our church and was pleased to see Rick and Luz again. They usually come and spend about 3 months here on the island, do a lot of work with our church, so they know each other. Rick and Luz are also sponsoring one of the girls from the colonia, just as we are. They were anxious to hear all the details of how the girls are doing with their new school. (Leydi is picking up English quickly and loves to talk to Don after church on Sunday.)

Shortly after they arrived, I had to go to my weekly island ladies' Bible study. Luz was happy to come along, and we left the guys happily sitting on the deck. Luz was glad she came; it was a wonderful Bible study (Beth Moore's Believing God) and she got to meet some new people. I was so encouraged by the participation of the ladies in this study. It's pretty intense, and I wasn't sure how they would receive it, but they're loving it!

Today we all drove up to church to visit our pastor, Chuck and his wife, Tia. Our friend, Larry was there doing some repairs on the building and his wife, Susan soon arrived to teach Chuck and Tia's kids. And then another friend, Lynn, arrived. We had quite the reunion going. We all made plans to meet for dinner tonight at Blue Bahia. While there, Don was able to correctly diagnose a problem another pastor was having with his well pump up in the colonia. Yay, Don! Problem solved, water flowing.

We had a few errands to run in Coxen Hole, including buying some fresh fish from the Flying Fisherman. Rick will make his yummy blackened grouper for us tomorrow night. We bought some fresh fruit in the market, so we have the makings for a fruit salsa to serve with the fish. Rick was getting hungry, so we grabbed some fish tacos at Cannibal's (not Don, he's strictly a beef man), and came home for a little siesta. It's about time for a snorkel, too.

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