Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dinner With Friends

Our friends from San Antonio are here and are anxious to see everyone. Their first night here, we spread the word that we were having dinner at Blue Bahia. You've heard me talk about all of these people, so let me introduce you. In the top photo we have The Campbells from Canada: Colleen, Larry and Susan (our partners in matriculation); The Vicks: Snider and Lynne (who took Spanish lessons with us); and The Moores: Luz Maria and Rick (our San Antonio pals). Colleen is just here for a couple of weeks, visiting her parents, and it has been delightful getting to know her.
As you can see, a beach-side restaurant is a lovely setting for dinner. They actually let me get in this photo!

We got more opportunity to practice our Spanish today. Don and Rick, Larry and Snider and Colleen's boyfriend went up into the colonia with Pastor Chuck to work on the kids' house. I'll post more photos in the next blog. The women all went to Son Rise for the Spanish women's Bible class taught by Tia and translated by Brandi. This was my first time to actually stay for the class and I really enjoyed it! Tia was teaching the women about the Great Commission and how important it is to share their faith with their neighbors. Colleen was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ and presented the 4 spiritual laws. The women repeated the 4 laws in Spanish and then split into pairs to practice on one another. Tia encouraged the women to join her Saturday as she goes up into the colonia to witness. It will be interesting to see who does. The women sang hymns in Spanish and prayer needs were addressed. Afterwards, the women visited over coffee. I was able, in my feeble Spanish, to learn more about some of them and even shared that I'm going to be a grandmother in June. I was surprised at how much I'm able to understand...much more than I'm able to speak!
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