Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Building Tanya's Casa

Yesterday the work on the house for Tanya and her siblings continued. The siding had arrived and was carried up the steep hillside by some of the younger men. The siding was pretty wet, adding to the weight; the guys sure got a workout. In this top photo you can see the house that the kids are currently living in. The lumber laying on the floor is for the roof. The team last week got the floor down and the walls and roof framed with some strapping, but not enough. Work had stopped until the siding came in.
You can see some of the cross pieces being added to the roof. The cross members are not big enough to support the weight of the tin roof across a 20 foot span, though, they all agreed. Something will have to be done about that before putting up the tin.
 Chuck was able to drive his truck all the way up the road to the house (quite a feat!) after making some repairs to the washed out road. He was able to bring his air compressor, ladders and other tools up in the truck plus the guys got a ride up. Then they carried everything up the steep path to the house.
Here they are putting up the first panels of siding. That's Larry kneeling on top, Jordan on the ladder, Rick holding the ladder, and Snider powering up the nail gun.
You can see how steep the construction site is in this photo. That's Kevin at the bottom of the ladder, Clifford on the ladder with the nail gun, Chuck at the bottom passing something up to Snider who is leaning through the wall framing. They finished installing the siding. Now they must wait until the roofing materials come in before doing more.

These photos were all taken by Don (good job, honey!). I'll post more later.
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