Thursday, March 3, 2011

More Photos from Tanya's Casa

Tanya's younger brother, Eguardo, wanted to help. He was given the job of mixing cement to help Guido who was pouring a concrete floor under the house. Guido was doing this job for $160. US! He had some materials left over from finishing Concepcion's job. Don't know how much Eguardo enjoyed this hard work of mixing gravel, cement and water into concrete, but he evidently did a good job. And he's only 11 years old.
Eguardo really got into it, didn't he? His lower body and bare feet are covered with cement dust.
They had just had their water day and every available container had been filled with water to last the family for the next 8 days. Note the large rectangular container on the left near the wall. That's part of an old refrigerator recycled to become a bathtub of sorts. Don watched Edguardo wash off the cement dust. He filled a bucket with water from the refrigerator, poured it over his body, soaped up, and then filled another bucket with water and dumped it over his head to rinse. He just stood next to the fridge, not in it, keeping the water clean for the next person.
Can you imagine how many mosquitoes would be attracted to all these containers of standing water?
The kids don't have electricity yet, so an extension cord was run from the construction site to a neighbor's house down the hill. Don will wire the house for electricity later.
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