Monday, March 21, 2011

The Revenge of The Cat

I didn't see it happen, so I can't prove it, but it could well be that the pepper-sprayed cat has taken his revenge on Don.

Here's what happened. This morning, while sitting in the porch swing doing my Bible lessons, I began to notice an unpleasant smell. Now, I am unusually sensitive to odors, so I didn't get too concerned right away. But then the scent seemed to grow stronger and was somewhat familiar. Suddenly, the awful memory of cat urine popped into my mind. Oh no! I hopped off the swing and began looking around for the source of the smell. And then I saw it. A suspicious puddle in Don's flip flop! I cautiously picked up the shoe and sniffed. Yup. Cat pee.

I did not see a cat slip onto our deck while I was sitting out there, so I have no way of knowing if it was the cat who was sprayed spraying back. Does seem somewhat fitting though, doesn't it?

So I grabbed the box of baking soda and liberally sprinkled the shoe and the small spot on the deck right beside the door. After a while, I blasted both with the hose. I sniffed the shoe again and decided another dose of baking soda might be in order.  And here's where the cat's revenge extended to include me: I opened the door, took one step inside, immediately slid on the wet tile floor (which I didn't realize was wet), and then pitched forward, landing HARD on my hands, right knee and foot. OUCH! I may be black and blue for a few days.

Not sure the baking soda really helped Don's shoes. They may get tossed in the trash, along with the cat if he shows up here again!

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one funny cat!