Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Water Weary

Oh, the fun with water never ends, and I'm not talking about snorkeling either. Don is getting pretty fed-up with this continuous string of water-related incidents.

All our problems stem from the water tank leak that Dennis had about 10+ days ago. Don had fixed our shower, fixed the sink, fixed the toilet and then cleaned out our reserve tank. The new internal toilet parts have not wanted to work properly, mainly refusing to shut off, but we were putting up with it until he felt like putting on his plumber pants again.

Last night, while cleaning up the dinner dishes, we had no hot water. Our kitchen hot water comes from an extra small heating unit mounted under the kitchen sink. It occurred to us that perhaps some of the sand that had clogged up everything else might have found its way to the water heater. So, this morning, Don reported for plumber duty, and sure enough, nothing went right. That's why he hates plumbing so much.

He worked on the water heater first and emptied out a dish of sandy water. He flushed and flushed the water lines and in the process, got the inside of the cabinet quite wet; it is now being fanned back to dryness and the contents of the cabinet are strewn all over the kitchen. Next he went to work on the toilet and actually just replaced the new flushing assembly with the old one. It didn't want to work. So, one wouldn't work at all and one wouldn't quit working. And somehow, during all of that, he lost the washer from the water line to the toilet, so had to borrow the cold water line from the kitchen sink in order to make the toilet work. He also re-installed the new flushing assembly. The toilet works, but now I have no cold water in the kitchen!  He'll have to buy a new washer tomorrow after we get our car back (yes, it's in the shop again!)

I strongly encouraged him to go up and talk to Dennis about our continuing water problems and try to find both a cause and a solution. Dennis wasn't home this afternoon, so that conversation will have to wait.
I don't think Don can take many more of these plumbing issues.

And you thought life was carefree on the island, didn't you!

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