Monday, February 14, 2011

Test Drive and Repairs

Saturday we dropped our car off at Fredi's shop to have the new front tire put on and get an oil change. Bob, Debi and their son, David, followed us there and then gave us a ride over to the Kia dealer.  The saleswoman, Annabelle, wasn't there yet and wasn't expected for about an hour, so we left a phone number for her to call when she arrived and we took off for the market.
I needed to pick up Leydi's skirt from the tailor shop, Debi needed to buy school supplies for a few more kids, Bob and Don needed to go to the bank, so we went our separate ways.  I bought a very small gift for Leydi - an eraser/brush/pencil sharpener for about 30 cents and tucked  it into my purse. That's when I noticed that I still had the Reco bill that Don had gone to the bank to pay. Seconds later, I saw Don walking toward me, coming to get the bill.
As Debi, David and I made our way down Market Street, we saw some lovely plants at one vendor's stall and stopped to buy some. I also picked up a large canteloupe. We love the market! Leydi's skirt was ready and the guys were waiting for us at the bank.
Still no phone call and we were hot and thirsty, so we stopped for some cold drinks. David was hungry and was working his way through a big plate of food when Annabelle called to say that she was now ready.

We were hoping to all be able to go for the test drive, but Annabelle went with us, leaving room only for Bob, Don and I. We were favorably impressed with how the car drives. I like that it makes tight turns, making U-turns easier. Our Rav4 has a large turn radius. The inside is comfortable and roomy. There were a few things that seemed a bit on the cheap side in this model, and we learned that there is only the one model available here on the island. So we'll look around a bit more.

Back to pick up our car. Fredi is showing Don some things under the Rav4 that need attention soon. Don had asked him to try to find the source of a noise he keeps hearing. Nothing serious, thankfully.

Debi called an island friend who is bilingual and who has bought cars on the mainland. She told us that Kia's don't resell well on the island. Most people just don't like them. She is willing to take us over to the mainland to car shop, so we may take her up on the offer. Definitely need to think this over. It's good that we started looking now. We don't want to buy the car until October, so we have time.

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