Sunday, December 2, 2012

Back Out

The week started out good, helping Susan and the kids with English lessons, and making preparations for another girls' lunch and game day. Then my back went out.

There's just nothing like having your back lock up (while reaching for a towel!), not being able to straighten up or move without severe pain to make you appreciate painfree mobility. And I had just finished my aerobic walking video before the shower. We take so much for granted, don't we...until a disruption like this stops us cold. Then we're suddenly reminded of how much we appreciate all those little movements we can normally do.

So, my week did not go as planned. I had to cancel the girls' day, to their great disappointment. We'll try again this week, if all goes well. I was very thankful for Suyapa who came and cleaned the house thoroughly and for Don who grocery shopped, did laundry and dishes and even bravely tried to do a correction technique on my back.

Suyapa told me that Karla thinks of me as a second mom! She said "Karla has a lot of love for you in her heart." So sweet!! Love that girl - all three of those girls!

On the plus side, I had more time to read and do some genealogy. Our daughter is coming in two weeks, and she and I have been planning a surprise Christmas party and gifts for the eleven sponsored kids. That will be so much fun! She'll be bringing a suitcase full of goodies with her! Can't wait.

I was able to get out and go to church today. Can't say I enjoyed the car ride or the hard seat at church, but it was nice to be there. Today is a sunny day, a good beach day, but I had to pass on that. The road to West Bay is very rough now due to all the rain; I'd never tolerate it. Hopefully, my back will be completely healed in another day or two, and life will be back to normal.

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