Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Party for the Kids

Yesterday we had a Christmas party for the sponsored kids. We wanted it to be special for them. We planned lots of games with prizes, we had treats to share and then, Christmas stockings for each child.  I  could not describe their responses any better than by sharing these photos. A picture truly does say a thousand words.

For our first game (suggested by Debi Cowan) we had them roll one die; if they rolled a 4, they got to don the elf hat, scarf and huge gloves and then try to open the extremely well wrapped gift. Meanwhile, the others kept rolling the die.

      Carlos has successfully completed his wardrobe and Victor is passing the gift to him.

But then, Julissa rolled a 4. She reached out, grabbed that scarf and nearly snatched his head right off his shoulders! We were rolling on the floor laughing!!

                               Jessie's turn. She was so tickled that she could hardly move!!

Leidy's turn. She has such a big smile. The kids continued to roll the die, hoping to get a 4.

Nelson wearing the elf hat in his own unique way. This also caused us to laugh ourselves silly. He was very serious about ripping that gift open and on a later turn succeeded, despite the layers of wrapping paper, duct tape and thick gloves. His teeth were very useful.

We weren't sure how they would react to musical chairs. American children would have considered this too babyish, but even the soon-to-be 8th graders enjoyed the game. They are so competitive, but in a good, fun way.

Next game: place on book on your head. Now put a piece of paper on top of the book. Take a crayon and draw whatever Rachel tells you to draw: a Christmas tree, a star on the tree, 2 gifts under the tree, Santa beside the tree and you next to Santa - all without looking. This brought on lots of giggles.

Then we had everyone show their pictures. We three judges selected the best 3 and then had the kids vote for their favorite. They chose Julissa's picture. She did have an excellent Christmas tree.

                                                                   Jessie's picture.

We had them divide into two teams for a relay game. They attempted to toss their playing card into a basket set several feet away.

                                     Jessie jumped for joy when her card went in the basket!

                                                   The winning team finally got 6 cards in.

Oscar was thrilled with the dinosaur book in his stocking. He said "I love dinosaurs!" I had been a bit worried that the older kids would think these books too babyish. Not so.

         Jessie's face was radiant with joy as she examined the treasures in her stocking.

                                                 Julissa's dimples were out in force.
You may be wondering about the leis. Rachel's team had these leftover from a work event and her team mate insisted that she bring them along. The kids liked them, so thanks, John!

Showing off their stockings and their big, big smiles!!

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