Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Is Over But The Giving Is Not

Even though Christmas has come and gone, the need for food has not. Fortunately, Nidia had put aside   about 100 bags of food for some very needy families who live in the huge colonia near our church. 
 Nidia put out the call for volunteers to help distribute the food bags to two small sections of this colonia.  Don and I were eager to help. A lot of people from our church live in this colonia.

We only took 3 vehicles and 6 people this time, but we still created quite a stir as we drove up one of the dirt roads. People began pouring out of their houses and down the road.

This was the first time for a food distribution in this area, so Nidia is explaining where the food came from, how they were chosen to be recipients and what will happen.

I had the awesome job of being the cookie lady, so I made many small friends today. This pretty little girl took a special liking to me and kept coming back to give me another hug. All because of a few cookies. We had run out of toys and candy bags, which made us sad. We so wished we had had another box of toys to give these kids.

                                                         Lots of babies today.

                                                         Another of my new friends.

                                                        Aren't they just the cutest!!

We always run out of food bags before we run out of people needing them. It is heartbreaking to see their faces when we tell them "no mas". Nidia did add their names to her list so next time we come, they'll be sure to get a bag.

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