Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sunday with Rachel

 We are so happy to have Rachel here this week. The kids have been so excited to meet her, and Sunday morning they finally got to do so. It was a time of much hugging and lots of big smiles.  Karla (above with Rachel and I) is just the best hugger, and the happier she is, the tighter she hugs. We both got bone-crushing squeezes from her.

 Rachel is Karla's sponsor for school and helps us sponsor Julissa (on the right above).  Look at those beautiful smiles!! They are so grateful for her help.

Everyone at church was delighted to either see Rachel again (it's been a couple of years since her last visit) or to meet her for the first time. It made no difference which it was; she got hugged and kissed by everyone!! And all the woman (and some of the boys) told me how beautiful Rachel was.

After church (and a bit of extra visiting), we picked up Debi, stopped by the house to change clothes and grab our snorkel gear, and headed to West Bay. After a delightful lunch at Mangiamo's deli, we visited with Santa before venturing down on the beach. It was a lovely, sunny day.

Debi and Rachel getting ready to don their snorkel masks. The water was surprisingly murky. Must have been a storm out to sea. Rachel enjoyed seeing all her favorite fish again.

Afterwards, we wandered down the beach to Bananarama for the Band Fest...another fund raiser for Because We Care. That's the wonderful group we worked with last year, distributing food baskets and toys to the poorest families. They'll be starting this year's Christmas gifting at the end of this week while Rachel is still here, and we'll be helping.

                           Don going out to join Debi and Rachel for a swim and snorkel.

            Debi took this shot of the three of us as we were leaving shortly before sunset.

         We got home in time to watch this beautiful sunset. A lovely ending to a lovely day.

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