Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Hummers

The babies are not only hungry, they're hot! They are growing and beginning to get real feathers, so it's getting crowded in the nest. That's ok at night when it cools off, but we've had a few really hot (90-95 degrees) days in a row, making it pretty warm in the nest. I'm betting they'll be happy to be outta there.

With this abnormally hot weather, we've had to resort to the "get-it-done-early-or-forget-it" schedule. And the frequent power outages don't help. We've now gone almost 36 hours without an outage - I hesitate to say that because when Don does that, the power immediately goes out. And it is pretty miserable to not have the fans running. After a couple of days or partial days with very little breeze and high humidity, we're enjoying nice breezes and lower humidity today, so my laundry is drying quickly.

We've been busy getting the house cleaned, laundry done, groceries bought,and yard work being done by Julio, all in preparation for our son and daughter-in-law's arrival tomorrow - their first visit to Roatan. We're really hoping it will cool off for their week here; they're not used to temperatures like this in Wisconsin. We've been making plans for all the places we want to take them, our favorite restaurants, sailing at sunset, snorkeling, and exploring areas that we hope will interest both the ecologist and the photographer. And lots of card games. Can't wait!

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