Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 12

Yup. Day 12 without a car. Supposed to be ready at 8 a.m.; shortly after 8, we received a call from the Kia office - the car wasn't ready!! Surprise, surprise. But, they promised that it would be ready after 1 p.m. Don wasn't anxious to rush down there right after lunch, decided to wait awhile and then call first. It was finally ready, and - get this, Henry was going to deliver the car to us at 5 p.m.!! Pretty cool. Saves us another taxi ride. Don asked what we owed and was told L.4000, or about $211. Don checked and said "I don't have that much cash here, I'll have to go to the bank first, so I'd better come pick up the car myself." He was told, "no problem, Henry will bring the car, pay what you can and bring the balance by the office after you go to the bank."

We walked up the hill to visit with Dennis and Merlin - haven't seen them in several days. They were just back from grocery shopping in French Harbor and reported a new roadblock in Mount Pleasant near the new mall construction. Protesters had one side of the road blocked, protesting the recent deportation of 1,500 mainland Hondurans ("spaniards") who supposedly came here looking for work but in fact were not working. The construction company then brought in a large number of Guatemalan workers and that led to the protest. It's not islanders who are protesting; it is the Spaniards. Tomorrow, the Honduran president is apparently coming to the island and the protest will continue, so we were warned to avoid trips to French Harbor. No problem.

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