Friday, May 15, 2009

Froglegs, anyone?

Every now and then, you just get an unexpected blessing. That happened to us yesterday. The day really didn't start out that well for me, for when I got up, I realized my back was feeling especially out of sorts, and I was having a bit of difficulty walking. I resigned myself to a quiet day on the deck waiting for my back to settle down. God then provided for my entertainment and enjoyment. First, the view is just spectacular, then, there are the baby hummingbirds - endless entertainment. Then, when I opened up the umbrella on deck table, this little tree frog dropped down onto the deck floor. He stayed there for awhile then hopped up onto the side of the table and climbed up the umbrella pole.

He then positioned himself up on one of the spokes for a nice siesta in the shade.

He slept all day, as is usual, and we had just remarked to one another that we needed to be certain that he was down from his perch before we closed up the umbrella for the night. We needn't have been concerned. While we were sitting at this table eating dinner, the frog suddenly plummeted from up above, landing near Don's plate. He hopped onto my plate right next to my salmon patty and then onto the back of my hand. I made a loud exclamation while flinging him off my hand and in the direction of my glass. He wisely decided to flee for his life and hopped over onto the deck railing. Whew!

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  1. Living in the islands must really adjust your attitude. I don't think that having a frog fall onto the table and then jump onto my dinner plate and then your hand hand would have qualified as a blessing here in Missouri. Thank God for his natural entertainment! :>)