Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peaceful Again...

After yesterday's craziness, it is nice to have peace again. There were no road blocks today and we saw no protesters anywhere. There was a meeting this morning at the Zolitur building which was the scene of much of yesterday's action. The meeting, accordingly to our friend Merlin, was supposedly for English speakers (ex-pats? all foreigners? anyone who speaks English??) to try to explain what had happened and why. Merlin kind of wanted to go and Dennis was too busy to take her (she doesn't drive); she was hoping we would go, but Don also had too many other things to do today now that we have a car again. We'll hear about it later from those who did attend. Merlin did say the roads were all open, the Cobras (special mainland soldiers) were on the island and this morning would be a safe time to run errands.

We went to the bank, the Kia dealer to pay for the car repairs, the gas station, grocery store and picked up another pirated movie. So wonderful to have air-conditioning in the car again! It hasn't rained for awhile, so it's dry and dust blows in any opened windows. I don't mind opened windows but I do draw the line at having to dust myself when I get out of the car.

We're going out again this afternoon to pick up and pay for some shelves our friend, Andy, made for us out of wonderful Honduran hardwood (not mahagony). Hopefully the roads will still be ok. We saw lots of downed trees and piles of brush that had been used as roadblocks. Our pastor, who is now our neighbor, encountered 4 roadblocks on the short drive to church early yesterday morning, a distance of less than 2 miles. They were unmanned, so he moved the logs out of the way and continued his drive.

Despite the lack of rain, we have had more clouds and therefore, more interesting sunsets. Here are a few pictures from this week.

The hummer, Esmerelda, is doing fine. It was very, very windy last night and early this morning and the nest has been swinging wildly in the breeze. She's jammed down in there pretty snugly. I peeked in the nest this morning while she was out having breakfast and there are only two eggs.

I found a cut stalk of bananas this morning while walking early with my friend, Tia. I was showing her our property line and noticed that someone had cut the stalk and hidden it behind our low wall along side the road - probably planning to come back later, or they got scared off by the dogs. I was needing more bananas, so I just carried them back to the house. I showed them to Merlin when she came down. It makes her so mad when people steal. She wants to know who's doing the poaching - if it's one of her workers, he'll be fired. If they ask her first, she will usually let them take some. I would too. Goodness knows we have plenty of bananas.

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  1. Wow! I've been so busy with school that I hadn't checked your blog lately - you've had some exciting times! Glad the visa thingy got resolved. We sure miss you guys!

    P. S. I graduate in 6 days!