Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birds and Butterflies

This is our last week on the island until January, so we have been packing in as much fun as possible, having farewell dinners with all our friends and wrapping things up.

Debi and I visited the Butterfly Garden yesterday where they have a quite a number of tropical birds as well. Debi is holding the White-naped Amazon parrot. She was demonstrating her bird communication skills when the parrot suddenly began squawking and fussing at her, clearly very angry. She quickly put him down. I said "whoa, Debi! I don't know what you just said, but he sure took offense!"

They had several scarlet macaws. This one is Fluffy. He did not want me to put him down and gently nipped my hand when I placed him back on the tree branch.

The butterfly house is home to about 13 types of butterflies. We saw them in all stages of development, from eggs on leaves to a dying Blue Morpho.

We entered the butterfly house through the toucan aviary where this handsome fellow greeted us. Looks just like the one on the Fruit Loops box, doesn't he?

They had several feeding stations set up with orange halves which made a great photo op.

We found this beautiful shrimp plant inside the butterfly house.

I wish this fabulous parrot had not moved just as I snapped the picture, but he was too intent on trying to squeeze out of his cage. They had a pair of these and I wish I remembered the name. I had never seen one colored like this before. They aren't allowed out to mingle with visitors, not well-behaved apparently.

A Scarlet Macaw.

Timing is everything!

The White-naped Amazons.

It was an amazing afternoon. Very hot and very humid. We were dripping with sweat, but had a great time anyway.

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  1. glad we could go together. can't believe you are leaving the island tomorrow. argh!