Friday, June 5, 2009

A Week with Dave and Tracy

We tried to give Dave and Tracy a real taste of our life here on the island. Sunday, we took them to our church where they met many of our friends and then to Infinity Bay for a birthday party/anniversary party with many of these same friends. Our friend, Luce Maria, has a birthday on our anniversary and we both had kids visiting, so a party seemed like a good idea. It was, too.

We had the barbeque lunch on the beach. Dave and Tracy skipped the meats, of course, but had plenty to eat. Luce had a yummy birthday cake. Infinity Bay always has music for the barbeques, sometimes a band, sometimes, like this day, just one guy who sang and played a keyboard/synthesizer. He was very good, played lots or reggae and our friend, Esmerelda (not the hummingbird!!) got up and sang several songs with him. She's very good, too. There was even a little "dancing". He also played and sang "Happy Birthday" to Luce and then played a song for us for our anniversary. Nice.

I was glad our friends got to meet our kids and they got to know each other a little. Colin and Kellie were there, too, and they've heard a lot about Kellie and her wild cat, Moe, so it was nice to finally meet.

After lunch, we snorkeled by the rocks at the far end of Tabyana Beach while Dave strolled around taking pictures.

Tracy and Dave walked the length of the beach. May is a very slow tourist month, so there weren't many people out on the beach. It was a hot day and the water felt great.

I took this on an early morning walk along our beach in Sandy Bay. They got to see a variety of beaches while here, and they really liked our beach even though it doesn't have the gorgeous white sand. It is not touristy, and they found that very appealing. Me too!

Our friend, Debi, joined us for an outing to Carambola Botanical Garden. She and Dave, both avid photographers, traded lenses and she tried out Dave's filters. They have the same basic camera. She had forgotten to put her memory card back in her camera but that was not a problem, Dave was happy to lend her one of his. He always carries several.

We took a sweaty hike up Carambola Mountain during which Don and I both picked up a tiny tick. Nothing like a little souvenir!

We found this magnificent spider hanging on a huge web in the garden. Really cool, huh?

One of the garden paths. Tracy, our ecologist, really liked this rather natural style garden. I knew she would.

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