Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sad Times/Glad Times in Honduras

I hardly know how to start this blog. My heart is very heavy, sad for our friends in Honduras. I have been keeping up with all the blogs and forums where the ex-pats and many Hondurans voice their opinions and report on the happenings in their area of the country. I respect their viewpoint and their reporting as being much more accurate than what is being reported by the world media. These people are IN Honduras, LIVING this story, and monitoring all Honduran news sources. Much of what is being reported by foreign media is not truth.

Here is my summary of the situation:

The Honduran people, the poor, uneducated people, have been grossly mislead by Zelaya. Corruption is rampant here. Votes are easily bought and Zelaya has been throwing around a lot of money lately. There was no coup. There was military intervention, at the request of the Supreme Court and the Congress, to escort Zelaya out of the country - more of an impeachment. Zelaya's efforts to subvert the Honduran constitution by illegally calling for a vote to allow an illegal referendum vote which would then allow for an illegally called constitutional assembly. His purpose was to overthrow the term limit on the presidency and stay in office, ala Chavez. Only the Congress can call for a constitutional reform. No one wants Zelaya to remain in office, not even members of his own party. He forced through the ALBA agreement with Venezuela, Boliva, Nicaragua and Cuba by paying members of Congress $100k each to vote FOR the membership in ALBA and to take the vote while the president of their congress was out of commission, recovering from surgery (he would have blocked the vote). So no one who follows his evil-doings believes that Zelaya will go easily when the new president is elected in November. He has said as much and has the backing of Chavez and is following in his footsteps to become president-for-life.

The Hondurans were happy to have Zelaya removed and many thousands of people have been rejoicing, peacefully marching, with placards praising this action. They have been ignored by the news media who instead have focused on the much smaller crowd protesting his ouster.
Now the Hondurans are deeply saddened by the U.N. condemnation and their demand that Zelaya be reinstated.

I would encourage you to read some reports that ARE accurate if you really want to know the truth.


Lagringa gives many sources and links which are well worth checking out.





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