Friday, June 19, 2009

Flowers Bay

This photo of Debi and the seamstresses was mysteriously deleted from yesterday's blog. I don't know why or how. Things just happen. Cute suit, huh?

On the way to find the seamstress yesterday, we decided to drive in through Flowers Bay. The sea was really rolling, so of course we had to stop for photos!

I love the windy road through Flowers Bay.

This is near Gravel Bay and the cruise ship dock. You can see the Royal Caribbean ship in the background.

Later in the afternoon, Colin and Kellie came by,picked us up and drove us to Flowers Bay to show us the house they had just rented. This is the view from one of the decks. That's a tidal basin on the right side behind the fence.

There is a small saltwater pool on a dock below their house. Cool place to watch a sunset. Think we'll be spending some time here!

Colin and Kellie leading the way as we tour the property.

Another view from another deck. Pretty neat place. The view from the deck is lovely and it's extremely breezy. That little semi-grassy area is where Kellie's new chihuahua will do her business and Moe will hunt for lizards. We'll be frequent visitors.

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