Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun At Barbareta

I just had to share a few more photos with you from our boat trip to Barbareta. Island people are so creative as in using this palm branch as a sail. Seemed to work.

The seas were a bit choppy, so most of us took Dramamine. Debi's after lunch dose made the siesta irresistible.

The tip of Santa Helena.

I asked the name of this lovely little island, and I think I heard "La Marela", but I could be wrong. Whatever the name, it was beautiful.

Yesterday I wrote about Dave swimming to shore with his camera wrapped in a plastic bag held above his head. Here he is preparing to swim back to the boat doing the one-armed crawl. Not an easy task in a strong current.

Barbareta. The dark rocks along the shore are veined with jade. The reef is visible as the gray area in the water with waves breaking over it. The wall is just this side of the reef where we happily snorkeled. I highly recommend this trip.

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