Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Break In The Clouds

We were quite excited to see the sun pop out - first time since our arrival 6 days ago. This certainly called for a walk on the beach, so we ate a quick lunch, grabbed our cameras, sunglasses and hats and took off down the hill to the beach. This was the first time our friend, Kristin, had walked on the Sandy Bay beach, so it was fun to show it to her. Don found a lovely, unbroken conch shell that had washed ashore at the last high tide.

We had not walked long when Don noticed these very dark rain clouds moving our way. We were just about to turn back when the rain began to fall, luckily just a gentle sprinkle.

The clouds looked ominous so we decided to get a move on it.

It was a short walk, but we enjoyed every second of it.

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