Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Boat Ride

We spent yesterday afternoon aboard one of Roatan Boat Club's boats. Our friend, Colin, started this boat club last year and has been trying his best (he's very persuasive) to get us to join. This is the first boat to be acquired, a 32 ft., with twin outboards and a flying bridge. In this picture (modeling my new Tilly hat), I'm sitting up on the flying bridge. Great view from up there. Kinda scary climbing up the ladder to reach it though. Very nice riding.
This is actually one of the last photos I took, just after sunset when we grabbed a bite to eat at Infinity Bay. We had no idea that we would be out on the boat that long. We left around 2 p.m. and didn't return to the dock until after dark. Good thing the boat had a partial roof or I would have been fried.
That's Don in the middle, crew member David on the left, and Infinity Bay guest, Janet, on the right. I took this looking down from the flying bridge.
Leaving Sandy Bay with our hillside in the distance.
This is our hill. That's Dennis and Merlin's new BIG house at the top of the hill. Our house is midway up the hill, to the right of that 2-story white house. Our pastor and his family live in the house to the right and up the hill from our house. You should be able to click on this photo to enlarge it. This was really exceeding the limits of my telephoto lens. It was pretty cool to be able to see our house from the water like this.

It was a fun afternoon. We started out with just Colin, Don and I,  and the crew of three. Later we picked up Kellie, Colin's partner, Tom (one of the developers of Infinity Bay), two more crew members and two couples from Wisconsin who were staying at Infinity Bay. We didn't completely circle the island, but we made several trips back and forth from Sandy Bay (where we live) to West Bay and around Lighthouse Point to Keyhole Bay where we could see the town of Coxen Hole in the distance.  All of this is on the west end of the island, going from the north shore to the south shore.  What a great way to spend a hot afternoon!


  1. Tell Collin you want a 50% discount on the club since you are only there 50% of the time;)

    Dude- Dennis and Merlin's house DOES look like the starship enterprise!!!

  2. Great pictures! Oh so jealous. It's been rainy and cold for two days straight. Enjoy your fun and sun!! :)