Monday, January 4, 2010


After a delightful meal last night at the home of Bob and Debi and awaking to a short list of food options, I resolved to drive up to Eldon's in French Harbor for some major restocking of cupboards and fridge. Our breakfast choices were limited to eggs or pancakes. I opted for the cakes and as I was preparing them, Dennis and Merlin dropped by to welcome us back. Yup, the pancakes got cold, but were easily reheated. As I was cleaning up, I noticed that the little sugar ants are back and had discovered the box of pancake mix. I added gallon-sized ziplock bags to the grocery list.

My other goals: get additional minutes for my Honduran phone, find bread, and avoid getting rear-ended as two of the three tail lights on the Rav4 are burned out.

Don's goal for today was to get the rest of the hurricane shutters down. He got three of them removed from the steepest side of the house before the rain drove him back inside. At least Kris can see out her bedroom window now. We left him to his chores and set off for French Harbor.

Top of my list was bread. Plaza Mar had none yesterday. Eldon's didn't have any either. And no tortillas in either store. Hard to make a sandwich without bread of some kind. We settled on crackers and they had my beloved Triscuits! And they had the good yogurt and soft margarine with olive oil. Their produce wasn't too good though, except for a lovely yellow bell pepper.

Kris's goal for the day was to get some cash from an ATM, get more minutes for her phone and take a walk. Eldon's has an ATM but as she walked up to it, she realized that she had not brought her card with her. When we finished our shopping, we stopped at a bank to see if she could exchange her Euros for Lempira. Nope.

Next stop: the new Mega Mall grocery store where we just ran in and asked if they had any bread. Yes! They had a half dozen loaves of white bread, nothing else, so we grabbed it and headed home. It was already after twelve and I knew Don would be wanting some lunch. We'll have to go back and explore this store and the other shops in the new mall (with an Applebee's and Wendy's) another time.

After a quick lunch, Kris and I headed to West End. The first ATM was out of order and the first three shops had no Claro phone cards. We walked way down the beach road to Kris' old apartment to see if her pal Olman was still around. He still works there but was off today. She visited with several other people before we headed back to complete our mission. I found the veggie truck and made a few purchases. Kris found a working ATM at Coconut Tree and got some cash. We finally found phone cards at Woody's. Whew! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how much fun it is walking down the beach road which is pitted with potholes of all sizes (some large enough to swallow a small dog) and all full of water. We did avoid getting splashed somehow. We also mostly avoided getting rained on, but as soon as we got back home, there was a torrential downpour. And we avoided getting rear-ended. Most of the shutters are off and Don fixed the dishwasher. So, all-in-all, a good day.

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