Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Mostly Dry Day

After days of wind and rain, we finally saw some relief. The winds have died down, the seas have calmed and there was little rain today. Kris and I were tired of being cooped up and anxious for some exercise, so we took a walk around the top of our hill this morning. Good glute exercise, climbing the hills.  While we were out walking, Debi called, asking if we were by any chance heading into Coxen Hole and if so, could she hitch a ride. Don said yes, we had decided we needed to get out and would pick her up after lunch. And we did.

It started raining just as we headed down the hill. Debi was waiting beside the road, with her umbrella up. By the time we reached Coxen Hole, the rain had stopped. We dropped Debi off at her new souvenir shop and Don parked the car at the International Pharmacy next door. Kris had not been in to see Bob and Debi's shop yet. We found Bob standing outside the shop, chatting with a man whom he introduced to us as Dave, from Ontario, Canada. Dave was from the Norwegian Cruise ship in port. We talked for a little while.

 I left them and went to the pharmacy to get some drugs. Nice being able to just walk into the pharmacy, ask "do you have Inderal?", they say yes, hand it to you and charge you only about $6.00 for 50 tablets. No prescription needed. While in the pharmacy, Dave came in, just checking it out, and began asking me questions about moving to Roatan, building a house there, all the hows and whys. We chatted so long that Don came looking for me, then he and Dave got into a big discussion on life in Honduras. I finally left when Kris came in looking for us. She and I wandered around in some of the shops and walked out on the pier looking at the cruise ships. There were four ships in today. Way too many in my opinion. It was pretty crazy with lots and lots of people, taxis, loud reggae music, etc. The cruise ship people were all chilly, too. Many were walking around with the Norwegian blue and white striped towels wrapped around their shoulders. Lots of Europeans onboard that ship.

Don and Dave finally ended their discussion when I popped in to say that Kris and I were going to walk on down to Warren's. Don came with us. He went into the bank, got in line and then realized that he had not brought his passport with him. No passport, no transaction. Well, at least we still had some cash. Kris stopped at an ATM to get more money (she doesn't have a bank account there yet). I went on into Warren's to pick up a few grocery items. Then we walked over to the Flying Fisherman to see what kind of fish they had. Kris wanted to make fish tacos. The boats will be in tomorrow and she will call us if they have an mahi mahi. On the way back to the car, Kris bought some beans from a street vendor and some nice big shrimp. Yum.

Don had been looking for the auto parts store that supposedly carries the brake light bulbs we need. We didn't see any parts stores anywhere around the bank. Dennis had told Don about another parts store a bit farther down Main Street, so we drove that way looking for it. I finally spotted a concrete wall with auto type logos painted on it, so Don stopped and parked the car. We still weren't sure that this was the Demsey place that Dennis described, but as we walked into the yard and I looked at the sign hanging sideways inside the wall, I saw the name "Demsey" in small print at the bottom of the sign. And they had our brake lights! Woo Hoo! A good day all in all.

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  1. thanks for the ride!
    it was busy on the island with all those cruise ships but we are thankful as it was our best day at the shop ever. :-)
    happy you got your brake lights.. pretty important on this island with all the stopping and going that happens!